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Australian Capital Territory


Facts about Canberra, Australia

Canberra, ACT (Australian Capital Territory)
  • Canberra is the Capital of Australia.
  • The ACT has the highest participation rate in sport of any state or territory.
  • Over 70 per cent of the ACT is open space!
  • We have the highest attendance at art galleries, concerts, theatre, dance, cinemas and musicals in Australia.
  • Canberra has a higher percentage of volunteers than other Australian cities.
  • Our median age is younger than the rest of Australia: 34 (ACT) 37 (Australia)
  • Canberra has the most highly educated population in Australia.
  • A higher percentage of people use a bicycle as the main form of transport than anywhere else in Australia
  • A higher percentage of households in Canberra recycle waste than the rest of Australia
  • We have the highest number of dwelling commencements than anywhere else in Australia
  • Canberra is:
    - 281 kilometers to Sydney
    - 660 kilometers to Melbourne
    - 210 kilometers to Snowy Mountains
    - 150kms to South Coast
  • The ACT stands for the 'Australian Capital Territory', and is Australia's smallest self-governed territory comprising 2,359km2 of bushland and one major city – Canberra.
  • 23.8% of our population was born overseas.
  • Canberra has the highest percentage of early adopters of technology and the greatest NBN take-up in Australia
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